Id like to have some explaining plz

I keep hearing all these terms...which i have no clue about :p i tried doing search button but couldn't really find it =)

What are best pickups around (metal , hardrock)

I seeeeeeeee alot of thingies...

so if someone could explain me what:

Floyd Rose Tremelo
Active EMGs (or something)
Strat Tremelo
and hum whatever else there is

ps. also tell me which ones really suck

Thx ^^
Bestpickups around for metal and hard rock are debatable, but Active EMG's or someother Highoutput would Be good.

Active EMG: A pickup with a small preamp on it that bostes the output and sounds better for distiortion.
Floyd Rose Term: A company of tremolo, origional are killer, Licinsed suck balls.
Strat Trem: The tremolo on a strat, usully a floyd or something based off one.
Humbucker: A guitar pickup with two sections wired togeather in oppisite directions to cancle 60 cycle hum, or whatever kinda hum it is.
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seymor duncan pickups.
floyd rose is a type of tremelo (lets you change the pitch of note by applying force to the whhammy bar)
A strat trem is the same as a flowyd rose, but closer to he body so less of a variation can be made.
An active EMG is a type of pickup.
Floyd Rose Tremelo - Tremolo system found usually on ibanez and schecter guitars (it's the metal stick that u push down to make the string noise vibrate)
Active EMGs (or something) - a type of pickups. they are called "active" because they have to have a preamp system inside the guitar, this uses 9v batteries. they are usually very strong. emg is just a brand of pickups
Strat Tremolo - tremolo system found on strat guitars. usually called a whammy bar.
and humbucker - a type of pickup. basically two single coil (think strat pickups) put together and wound up in opposite directions to "buck the hum" therefor its name.
single coil pickups- kind of pickups that u usually find on strats.

single coils are thin, humbuckers are about double the width.

and for hard rock/metal...emg's are probably the best, but it's just opinion.
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EMG: Battery powered pick-up
FR: Like a strat trem but is meant for crazy whammy effects (as it come with a locking nut and goes back and forth)
Strat Trem: The tremolo that is on a sttratocaster guitar, this is only meant for the off wangle as they dont keep tune (unless you have good tuners/locking nut) these are usually not used much

And there is no best pick-up
Thanks for the quick replies =) got a bit of an idea now.... i really need to test these things at the guitar shop though :p so i can see for myself =)