Any Streetlight Manifesto fans out their, my personal favorite ska band right before Reel Big Fish, their remaking of Keasbey Nights is just genius. If you've never heard them I definatly recommend going out and either downloading or buying, Everything Goes Numb.
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Use the search button man! Theres like three Streetlight threads already.
Shut up seannufan, no one cares. But yes, I love Streetlight Manifesto. I don't listen to ska at all, but Everything goes numb never comes out of my cd player. They are simply amazing. I first heard them when they opened for the Aquabats in Ventura at the Alpine. It was excellent.
i agree with seanufan!!use the search button...streetlight is amazing though (as i posted in the other one) my favourite song on everything goes numb is probably a moment of silence
I'm not the biggest 3rd wave fan but dammit, I love Streetlight's twist on the genre.
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one of my favorite ska bands, my favorite song is point/conter point though, its so catchy!
oh maw gaw one of my favorite bands of all time. lovelovelove.

but um yeah there are already like 248320983204 threads about them.
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Yeah, I like them. I saw them with Reel Big Fish a few weeks ago.

Here's a thread with more posts, though:


ha i was probably at the same concert. house of blues in anaheim, yes?
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Catch 22= Kicks Streetlights ass.
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i just got the the catch 22 version of keasbey nights and it definatly is one of the best ska cds i own
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