I just purchased some Finger-ease guitar lubricant and the directions are not the greatest. Just wondering how much to spray on and how often it should be resprayed? And anything else in general that should be known about lubricating a guitar incase anyone else was wondering. Thanks
i prefere fast fret myself. if you must use finger ease, i would sugest spraying your fingers and lightly rubbing it on your strings...
So is this stuff really worth it? does it lengthen your new string sound or does it just make them feel like new??
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just stick something in the hole and wiggle it around until you feel something poking out then push it hard.

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I seriously cant begin to tell you how refreshing it is to get some briliiant help from this site for once!

Thats about me
i don't use it myself...
but my cousin does...
and he's been playing for like 20 years....
and he said it's better to spray it on a towel and rub it on the strings....
because he said then you don't get it all over your frets.
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