Awesome Neo Classicalo shredder. Perhaps you've seen him on Youtube or elsewhere. I'd be surprised if he hasn't been mentioned here.



Here's my favorite vid.

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I just heard Isabella for the first time a couple weeks ago its amazing. Fairly simple though I can play it all but for 2 of the fast runs
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Sweet, you should add him on the thread "some good neo classical bands" by Mwa.
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Some of his stuff is sick, especially Cross and his cover of Impetuous Winds in a theater infront of about 600 people.

Does a mean Far Beyond The Sun cover aswell.
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Wow! So I bothered listening to his stuff, and I really love it! I wanna get a CD by him, I really like his playing, tone and general persona, good enough reason to get a CD, does he have any? I would look on his website, but alas, it isn't in english.
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