hi all i was wondering if u could help i recently bought a stagg les paul copy bout 2 months ago and i have been playin it 4 a bout a couple of hours a day and just recently the strings r starting 2 buzz wen struck hard and not fretted

please could u guys tell me what is wrong and ne solutions 2 this prob
raise the action, they're probably buzzing against the frets, but if that's not it, you should have it looked at
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It's at the bridge or nut. You need to get it looked at.
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you could file the nut so it would sit in there better.
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no dont file the nut.

if u have open nut buzzing, its not sitting in the slot correctly.
u can change ur strings. go a gauge heavier if u feel the action is low and the string is loose, rattling in the cut, or a guage lighter, if ur action seems high and the strings seem like they are too big in the cut.

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