I hope this is in the right forum.

Anyone got any good rythm or strumming exercises?

Any help is much appreciated people.
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Just to get you started for rythm and strumming, play some...dun dun dun...punk. Some fast punk will get you moving power chords all over the place. After power chords get boring, maybe you should try to learn all the common open chords, and practice switching between them. If you feel confident with that, try some jazz rythm guitar. Straight up quarter notes (Freddy Greene stlye). Then try some funky or swinging rythms.

When it comes to understanding rythms and practicing keeping time, I would suggest the book called Melodic Rythms for Guitar. It's made by Berklee.

So, basically, I'm giving suggestions, not really explaining how to do all this, that's where the word "research" comes in.
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