So just yesterday, I played a gig with my guitar, and it sounded just fine. Today though, I plugged it into my amp, and no sound came out. I'm pretty sure it's my guitar, because i can hear a signal coming from my cable through the amp. I think it's my input, because when i took a look at it the wire looked weird. Sorry, I'm a noob with all the technical aspects of the guitar, so i can't really describe it in much detail. Any suggestions about what might be wrong, and how to fix it?
Well look on the bright side, atleast your rig didn't stop working before the gig.

You positive it isn't your chord? If you got another guitar, check it on your amp with the exact same chord. Or just check another chord.
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same thing happened to me only it was my cord
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Chances are, that its your cord. Try the chord with another guitar or instrument and see how it works. It can also be an unplugged effects pedal. Check the effects pedal's cords as well.
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if ur cord is fine, then check ur guitar's input. especially if it's ever been loose, and you hand tightened the nut.

quiet often that spins the attached two wires and rips one off.

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this may sound really thick and stupid, but the wires are worth checking and does your guitar have pickup selectors where you can turn pickups off? mine does and i sometimes accidently turn the pickups off when strumming
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