Well, I wrote this and it may seem very sad, but i thought it was pretty good. Now i don't care what you ppl have to say...i just want some comments.

Forever Pain

One day...
Can ruin a life time.
The sound..
Of an accident!

You don't feel like,
Talking to anybody.
The pain from the inside,
Is erupting.

The one you loved,
Is now gone.
The one you cared about,
Has died

You knew them so well,
Can't keep their voices out,
Without them all is lost.
Without them all is gone!

You want to run,
Run far away from everyone around,
To forget and remember,
The great and worse times together.

But life wont let you,
You feel like dieing with them also,
You wish you were the one gone,
Not them!

Your heart can't take it,
Your mind wants to leave.
You feel like going crazy
You don't care about anything anymore.

All you see is their face,
From the last time you saw.
The image that will wont go away,
With tears coming out of your eyes.

All is blurry,
You feel like hating on someone,
The ones you blame are the ones
That you love.

You start separating yourself
From friends and family.
Your life goes down a drain.
You feel like no one can help not even you.

You don't know what to do anymore,
You sit alone,
Thinking for hours and hours,
Trying to find a answer

You will ask yourself,
"When will the pain end"?
All the suffering, all the thinking.
Your life is just becoming a waste.

But one day you realize,
There is nothing you can do,
But remember the one you loved,
And fulfill his dream.