Alright so the working title is Mr. Ed, I want the title to be comedic, dark, and happy sounding..so itll take a while.

ANYWAYS, my first lyrics ever, I was truly inspired by two murder cases:

James Bulger, and Ed Gein.

For those that dont know, either wiki Ed Gein, or something. He was the guy that inspired the movie "Texas Chainsaw massacre", and made weird stuff out of bodys he had exhumed or killed. Here are the lyrics, (what I have done so far), as I keep adding parts to it, Ill post them up and I need you guys to criticize and help me out, itd be a real help! Or at least tell me what you think. THANKS. Also, the song will be a symphonic black metal song. With carnival touches and neoclassical touches.

On the dreary night of August 27,
There was born a boy who enraged the heavens
Mother Augusta pronounced the world's innate immorality,
And with it, sex only for procreation was her mentality.

Brother Henry eventually turned on Mother,
and the mortified boy called him a liar.
They then from that point ignored each other,
till the boy lost sight of his brother in a fire.

The authorities declared it an accident, it was a brush fire.
Cause of death was asphyxiation, and no one seemed to notice
His head trauma, and the weapon hidden up stream, higher.