Hey guys. Been a while since i posted anything new.

So another solo project of mine more new material and another vocal style.

Influences are King Crimson and Radiohead.

Very soft Playing from the start and goes into a experimental breakdown at the end. Very good mood music.

Its a bit different from my growling/wailing of previous productions.

Once again i am playing all the instruments. Using Cubase.

Instruments Used:
Boss ME-30 Effects.
Maverick X5 bass.
Mapex V series kit.
Shure mics.

Download here.

Right Click and SAVE AS.


Pedulla MVP5
Gibson Grabber
Warmoth Antigua PJ
Ovation Magnum 1
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Wow man, initially I didnt comment because Im lazy like that, but seeing this drop to second page without a comment sucks ass. I heard it yesterday and thought it was very good, it needs just a little bit variation or maybe some strange touches here and there (some ambience or something a little more in the background in addition to what's already there which is great), but besides that it's great. The vocals worked very well too, good work! I would change around and vary up some of the lyrics, but that's more of a personal preference. Good work man!
its the best thing ive ever heard in this forum!!
sound very radiheadique

again WOW
10x for posting this!!