well i have decided to make a PTH only thread since some poeple are comlaining that theres no PTH only thread, and A7X gets one all the time. so here it is the Protest The Hero only thread, post anything about PTH except they suck.
But they're singer is an ass
But Dad, Nick Cannon is hilarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrious
PTH is freakin amazing. heretics and killers has to be one of my favourite songs ever. they change it up so much you cant get bored with it.
I love PTH, they have alot of talent. Kezia is an awesome cd. And also i like the fact that they have the singer they do since it's so diffrent than any other metalcore band that I've heard.
i love them, there singer isnt an ass, he talks about alot of weird crap like having sex with his family, and penetrating thrachea holes
Jesus ****ing christ. There's 4 god damned PTH threads already on this sodding page, so use one of those.
In making an 'only' thread, you've actually contributed to that huge number. It's more or less down to the mods which thread gets made into an 'only' thread. This might not be the one.

On topic, good band. I like Blindfolds Aside and the last three tracks the best.
Protest the Hero is amazing. I've been listening to them and only them all summer pretty much.

And their singer is so funny live
One of my favorite bands ever. I was gonna see them in October with Trivium but the show got cancelled.
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Instant Bob Dylan.
****ing amazing, check the sig. I love how when they play live Rody always rambes on and on and confuses everyone. He'll talk for like a straight 15 minutes sometimes without even realising it.
...and the world sighed in relief
i dont see how rody is an ass, he does say things like would u steal from the elderly! would u rape under aged children!!?
and i think its hilarious.