Hey all. I was thinking of getting a body from Warmoth (dunno exactly what kind yet.) and was wondering about the tonal qualities of poplar. I figure to slap a Quilt Maple top on the sucker and fade it to a gloss black (Life it seems will fa-...sorry.). Polar's cheap, but it still needs to sound good. Obviously it's ugly green junk, but the black should hide that.

For less money you can buy an Alder or Ash body blank and make your own.

I thought about buying a Warmoth body, too expensive.
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poplar soudns just fine. my tele is made of poplar and is sounds great, alot like alder.
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I think that Warmoth sells bodies with quilted maple already glued on. Probably even more expensive though.
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Warmoth isn't worth it. Too expensive. My Warmoth body was nice, but not nice enough to warrant the cost.
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Yeah, it's really expensive. Ask Algee about a custom body.
I'd only get something like a custom neck there.
Becuase they offer alot of different wood combinations and customizations...but that's about it. Their neck prices aren't too bad.
you're in the US, you lucky gits have got loads of parts shops to choose from, here in the UK we have about 3 that are web capable, and they stock everything for strats, a few teles, and nothing else, not even p-bass usually, google is your friend, i found loads of places in the US that stock that sort of stuff, and cheaper than warmoth