War of Heart:

I?m in a war of heart, trying to survive
Gotta lay the bridges and ask the skies
Which way does a lost soul turn?
When every corner is blue

I gotta stay strong and keep my cool
I keep becoming the pawn, in this game for two
Not even the skies or the heavens above
Can relieve, a, soul

So I, press on through the doors of desolation
To a land of dreams, a far destination
A place where I can go to find
A real, true, love

So walk on, my broken hearted friend
Open your eyes and let, another, in
A love will come, at an opportune time
So keep your doors open, and let your spirit shine


I?ll never forget those days of past
When I could see our love was vast
But now the clouds thicken to a foggy haze
Why can?t the sun no longer shine?

My prediction is people may not like the ending.
Its how you look and how you feel