i dont know anything about what gear he uses. but EQ wise: try cranking the highs/mids and turn the lows down
Turn up the lows and highs. Cut your mids. It's the exact tone that almost every single punk bassist uses.
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It's the exact tone that almost every single punk bassist uses.

Actually, Chris #2 has a suprisingly distinct tone in comparison with other punk bassists - it's one of the nicest I've heard...

He uses quite a lot of mids to cut through the guitars, cut your lows a little, and boost the highs
^It sounds exactly like Matt Freeman, Jay Bentley, Royce Nunley, Gwomper, and Bryan Keinlen. I could name more, but theres not really any point. I loke Anti-flag alot, but listen to it against a bunch of Bad Religion, Bouncing Souls, or Avail and you'll see what I mean about him having a similar tone.
I can see the comparison with Bad Religion, the Bouncing Souls bassist has a much grittier/overdriven sound than Chris imo...I can't really comment on Avail as I've only heard a few songs...but if I'm not mistaken the Avail player uses his fingers...right? (just listening to Simple Song, and it sounds like fingers) So undoubtly the tone will be different
All I'm saying is that generally for punk you should cut your mids down, and boost the bass and treble. Most punk bassists do that, and have for years. I guess Keinlen does have a bit more distortion, but the general tone shape remains the same.
Well my sound is almost like that punk-rock bass tone, i put the bass and low mids around 6, middle at around 2 or 3, the high mids at 8 or 9 and treble around 4.

That gives me a very punchy sound that cuts through pretty well, but it still has a thump to it. I also use a compressor to even everything out and have a distortion pedal for a little boost and to dirty my sound just a little. I also play with a pick and i have the Fender P-Bass Special Deluxe whatever. It has the J neck, P body and a P/J pickup config. I turn the Jazz pickup off so I get that deep P-bass sound since my amp has the high mids boosted so much.
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