Is anyone involved in FNB? If so, what methods would you recommend for starting one and whatnot.

from Wikipedia

Food Not Bombs is a loose-knit group of independent collectives, serving free vegan and vegetarian food to others. Food Not Bombs ideology claims that myriad corporate and government priorities are skewed to cause hunger amidst abundance. To demonstrate this (and to reduce costs), a large amount of the food served by the group is surplus food that would otherwise go to waste from grocery stores, bakeries and markets.

They focus on feeding the homeless right? A friend of mine just started a chapter( or whatever its called) and I've been thinking about getting involved. Is it illegal to feed the homeless in Alabama? cause my friend said that its illegal to feed them here which is pretty stupid.
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Homeless and disenfranchised.

I don't care if it's legal or not. There's a ton of them here, you may remember the incident last year where a bunch of kids payed a homeless man to run naked through their school... yeah, that was my school. I saw all of it... I thought it was pretty funny at the time, but I'm not sure how I really feel about it. The arts center I volunteer at / hang out at has alot of homeless people that live near it (the rescue mission is right up 9th avenue), and I'd like to see a non christian way for them to get help. I dunno, to me food not bombs is more than just helping homeless, it's building a community. We wanted to do FNB at the huge metalcore shows to develop a dialogue between kids and decide what we're all doing wrong and how we can learn to rebel together instead of fight with each other. I dunno if it'll be worth it because they're all suburban kids that can afford food (I'm not saying that I'm not), but food is a good tactic into starting dialogue... and it's a dialogue that needs to happen and if they're racist republican assholes at least we tried and that's more of an effort than they made to us.
Ive gone to the food not bombs here sense i was about 15.Its Alot alot of work.But more fun then anything.We help supply free food to large punk fests and many others.Its pretty much a full time job if you do it.
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whoopps, by here I meant California, I was wondering if other states or local govt have laws like that. I can't really imagine police arresting people for it though so I guess it doesn't matter much.
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Food Not Bombs is great.
I wish there had been one in my area when I was homeless.

My only beef (and it's not FNB's fault, really) is that not enough of the REAL homeless are getting fed from it.
All too often, FNB sets up outside of shows and feed the crusties, who in my mind, generally aren't really homeless.
Most of them, by their own admission, are suburban kids who are too lazy to work, so they spend their days bumming change and getting drunk/doing drugs.

FNB ends up enabling their pathetic "permanent vacation" lifestyle, while homeless veterans and people kicked out of mental hospitals and forced to live on the streets, don't get fed, because they're standing at the side of the road trying to find money and/or work.

These crusties don't seem to know or care about that, because they're too busy leeching off of society and stealing resources from the REAL street people who actually need help.

Maybe a mobile FNB that finds the homeless and feeds them, kinda like Meals On Wheels, would be better.
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FNBs is not only for the homeless.Its for the hungry.whether or not thats people from natural disasters or poor or helping out the people that actually keep FNBs going.
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FNB sounds like a great idea
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We have one in Norfolk, VA, but it started back up right as I went back to school. I'd start one around here if there were more homeless people around here... I guess there are some in Roanoke, but I don't have any way of getting out there.
I think there's one homeless guy and a crazy crack ***** in my town... that's about it.
My friend and I just started one for Evanston a couple months ago. We had a benefit show on the 21st and raised $215. So now what we're trying to do is find a kitchen that we can use and figure out dates and locations for serving.
Methods for starting one? The very first thing you need is people. Gather all your friends who are willing to help. Then, flyer around just notifying people that you've started a chapter for your town and give them contact info if they want to get involved. That should bring in a couple more people.
Then you need to decide the steps you need to take to get something done. My chapter decided we needed money, so we started planning a benefit show. Either have a show or do some kind of fundraising.
The next step after that is to plan for servings...so seek out places that will donate food, places to dumpster-dive, a place to store/prepare food, public food service permits, etc.

Our chapter is at www.myspace.com/foodnotbombsevanston and foodnotbombsevanston@gmail.com if you want to add or email us or something.
i do FNB whenever I get a chance. I would do it more but some of the other people involve have politics I don't agree with. you know, like killing all non-vegans. Yeah, not cool.
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I've considered trying to start one here, until I realized that
1) There's no one who'd participate
2) There's not many homeless people. Only a few scraggly looking guys with signs who probably aren't homeless.

But, I'm sure there's a lot of people living in poverty who aren't exactly homeless, but would probably benefit just the same.
I hang out with alot of FNB kids and help serve and cook and whatnot occasionally.