A fun little piece written for solo acoustic guitar, recorded via line-in to the computer. Wish I could have mic'd it.

http://dready.dmusic.com "To The Ocean and Back"

Criticism welcome
My God, it's full of stars!
That was pretty good. You mind if I pirate this off you?
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This sorta music's not my kinda thing, but I have to admit I really enjoyed listening to it.

Seemed a little disointed at times, but all the riffs or whatever were really nice and interesting.
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First thing's first .. you probably don't want me to say this even if you already know it .. but I'm only criting it because you asked me to :P .. otherwise I'm not in a position to knock this piece or performance at all because it owned.

My main complaint was at 1:55 where the song switched pace and riffage (not a classical term I know but I can't think of what the correct term would be) .. it's most likely just the composition .. but you could have made it a little more smooth.

There were other parts where you got loud and it seemed to clip a bit .. but that's a problem with the recording and not the performance.

Overall great performance and I really dug the song choice too.
Pretty good. I like the acoustic tone. The musicianship is pretty solid, so good job on that. One odd thing I noticed was that there were some parts that I really loved and other parts that I felt were just making this piece weaker. The recording quality is all right, with the exception of an occasional buzzing.

Overall, pretty nice

Crit for crit?
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