First thing I've posted here in quite a while, and one of my only recent works that has been finished (for the time being). Any criticism at all is necessary. I realize the progression is very simple, but I tried not to be complex with this one as it is meant to be laid back. There's no reason for the title, I just like that word and the idea. Anyway, go ahead.
that was really really awesome, i would have to say beautiful, lol, but the only thing i think that took away from the song was at bar 7, it randomly had a chromatic feel with those triplets, and i think this song is very melodic, and that just kinda took away that feel for a second, ya know? other than that, very well made, you really captured what you wanted, the laid back feel, but still have some complexity, its cool cause the complex leads towards the end are toned down, and carrying the rhythm more, rather than being overdriven leads, which is really cool i thought, and i know how you feel, none of the pieces i start ever get finished, lol, but thanks for the crit, i changed the note, its such a small change to my ears, but i really do notice the difference, thanks, im usually pretty good at catching that, and youve read me like a book, ive been trying more and more ways to change the rhythm without changing the feel, i have about three versions, lol, i dont like any of them really, lol, but thanks for the crit once again, and awesome piece!!!
that was brilliance! i loved the soloo altho there was this one point where it went from the 7th fret to the 14th and the 14th probably should have slid into unless uve got 15 inch fingers. the only two things specifically is that i thought the distortion guitar was used too much just to make the chord progressions stand out. im pretty sure thats exactly what u wanted but i just think if ur gonna use a distorted guitar u should at least make more noticable... but idk thats just me, and the chromatics on the high e in the 8th bar really sounded awkward with the rest of the music, but besides me ridiculous scrutiny its amazing and i loved it

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I appreciate everything. The things you both pointed out are things I was unsure of anyway. I'll look into it. And hthedinga, I think I've critiqued most of your stuff in the past at one point or another. It's basically musical genius, so I really have nothing to say even constructively about it.