I have Audacity, but how can I plug my guitar AND pedalboard into my computer to record with it? I have a track made electronically, and I'm psyched about recording!

Sorry bout the gay title, but i'm so psyched, I have to know.
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well one way, probally the cheapest is you get a 1/4 to minijack adapter to plug your line out switch into, and the adapter goes in one of your line in slots on the computer, that way is also the ****iest quality way, and i personallly can't stand the sound.

the second way: get a computer mic, and put it up to your amp, this is the 2nd cheapest way, again, the quality sucks.

or you can take the more expensive, probally best quality way. get a computer interface, since it sounds like you only need to record guitar, i'd recomend the line 6 ux1 toneport, it has a guitar input, and condenser mic input . if you wanna record good quality, but maybe you need to record more instruments, get a computer interface with more inputs

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