I don't really know much about EMG's but I hear a LOT about them, and maybe I should get some put on my bass, I have a BC Rich Warlock, bronze series, I've only been playing for a year, and whatever bc rich put on mine, are crap.

What makes EMG's so popular?
I have two EMG-HZ passive pickups in my Schecter (they come stock). I can't describe what it is exactly that makes them so great, they just sound beautiful. Combined with the two-band active EQ, I can get a huge range of sounds from them. I don't know how they'd do in your BC Rich (I don't have a high opinion of those to begin with, so i'll stay out of that conversation), but I definately love the sound of them. Go play with a Stiletto if you want a bit of an idea of what they sound like (the sound will be quite different though if you put them in your BC Rich, this will jsut give you an idea of what they can do, not what they will do)
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It's not worth it to upgrade a crappy bass.

Trust me, if you asked "how's the bronze series BC Rich warlocks" , 9/10 (or 19/20) would say crap.

bad quality, bad materials, crap set up, bad pups, crappy electronics, everythings just bad about this bass, its really only for looks, and even then most good bassists look down on warlock basses (i dont reallly care, i just know in the back of my head you have a crappy bass.)
EMG's (real ones, none of that HZ stuff, EMG is an active company goddammit) are great. Their Extended Series, IMO, is better than their P/J sets.
It depends entirely upon what sound you want. EMG's will give you a beastly/punchy/fat tone, but if you wanted a more mellow tone for playing other styles of music they wouldn't really suffice. At the end of the day they're very expensive and they're just a glorified twin coil pickup. A normal humbucker would give you the fat tone you want but still allow a little more versatility.

EDIT: But as some other guy said... don't upgrade a BC Rich, it's a piece of crap.
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I Love Active EMG's on bass, they give a tight yet really deep booming tone, But why youd want to put them on a bronze serizes i dont know,
Update your bass, then think about pick-ups =]
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Wow this was a year ago... Anyways yeah I've realized my warlock was a piece of ****.
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Don't dismiss the cheaper B.C.Rich models out of hand! My oldeee Ironbird has Ibanez pickups on it. Not unlike EMG's in character, and it's no good for anything other than metal. The only real problem upgrading cheaper B.C.Rich's is the same as any other cheap bass or guitar - the rest of it. Tuners, bridge, etc.; I have good experience of this...
EMGs have huge headroom and huge bass and a very clear focused sound the insides of them are self grounded and have compressors built into them so they are SUPER quiet when not playing.

they are not for evryone, they dont get that "vintage" sound too good but they do sound amazeing and are VERY versitle pickups with alot of tonal options.

you know how seymour duncan on thier website rates all of thier pickups x/10 bass x/10 mids and X/10 trebble well EMGs basicly have 10/10 on all three catigories and you use youre EQ/tone knob just to roll off on certin frequincys to taste
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