i am planning on sticking a randall RH150G3 guitar head on a marshall angled cab. i play metal, mostly metallica like stuff but a lot more bluesy leads like form gnr and aerosmith.
thoughts anybody?

my budgit is no more than what tthis gear costs all together, which is like 800$ for all so if you suggest something make sure its in the budget
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for this metal-obsessed freak

personally I was never one for randall amps... what type of marshall cab are you looking at? A tube head would be good to look into if you like gnr and aerosmith... it works okay for the metallica stuff too a little bit =\
i was looking at a slanted 275$ marshall cab

if you think i should go with a tube head then can you give me an example within the price range of 425$ for the head?

oh yeah and when i say good enough, i mean will it sound good practicing and on stage, basically is it good enough for mostly everything except for very large gigs
why not get a used combo

u could get a really nice marshall for $800 easy

im gonna pm some good lookign ones, just because if i had the money i would buy em
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yes, a combo's a great idea. Way easier to use for gigs than setting up a full stack with a head and all that. Marshalls make great combos, and Randall makes some ok ones too.

But if you're THAT set on getting a head... ;-) look for a mesa boogie nomad 55. It's sweet. ONly problem is that they're out of production (i think), and you can probably find one used for cheap (300+).

how long have you been playing?