I'm looking to get a tube amp under $1000. The top three right now are the Crate VFX50 the Traynor Tube Combo $750 one (I forgot the name of it), and a B-52 Half Stack. Some of the bands I like are Black Sabbath, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Testament, Metallica, Metal Church, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai.
go with either the b-52 or the traynor.
the b-52 is a really nice amp and i don't have any experiece with the traynor so i don't know how they sound but crate is usually not that great of an amp

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If you get a crate then get the blue voodoo. But from those choices I would say the B-52
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I have the B-52 AT212 and I love it. But I haven't played any of those other amps you listed. And I also don't play any of the bands you listed.
I got my mesa boogie head on Ebay for $750, and everyone on this forum will suggest Mesa Boogie when anyone asks for gain.

Half stacks aren't necessary, a good 2x12 will eat a decent 412 alive. I tend to repeat myself a lot but for $1000, i got a $750 mesa head and i had a B-52 412 which was $350, and thats $1,100. Looking back on it, I shoulda bought a Carvin Vintage series 212.

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b52 ftw.

especially the AT series.

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