reccomend me some? not over $2500 plz. im shopping for a new guitar and i want to try out a lot of things
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you have $2500 to spend on a guitar? wow.

uh, yeah this may sound generic but it's true - go play some at a store and then if you don't like ANY there, come back and ask.
try some esp's and shcecters.
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^yea i did. the guitar center over hear is pretty ****ty and they didnt have much to offer and there arent really any other music shops that i havbe found yet. although i just moved tothis city
if i had that much i would just go to the E.S.P. or Jackson custom shop
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you have $2500 to spend on a guitar? wow.

uh, yeah this may sound generic but it's true - go play some at a store and then if you don't like ANY there, come back and ask.

Not generic at all. This is the best advice you could give some one. No one knows what you want except you. Some one might thing the best thing for hardcore is a gibson but other would say ESP, you need to go to a bunch of guitar stores and plug in a **** load of different guitars and play them and YOU decide what the nest guitar for you is causae no one knows except you
you don't need feedback! play more guitars! jackson, esp, ltd, and ibanez are a good place to start, assuming you're looking for a metal-style guitar.
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USA jacksons are pretty damn nice along with Ibanez.
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USA jacksons are pretty damn nice along with Ibanez.

USA Jacksons are incredible, anything from the USA select series *cough*SL1*cough* should be around that price i think (im in australia so i dont really know but i have a rough idea) and yeah, check out the higher end RG prestige series.
Hamer (USA is the high-end and they make great quality stuff)
Ibanez (go Prestige with that $, thin neck)
Jackson (great high-end stuff, low-end i hear is terrible,think neck)
Schecter (i hear they have thick necks if you like that)
ESP (get a stock and mod it with the leftover $)
Dean (made dimebag his custom guitar)
Washburn (scott ian has custom guitars from them)

try em out and see what is best for you
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Try a Peavey V-type, NOT the EXP model. Really low action, good fret spacing for metal riffs and such... plays SUPERB with a set of .08 guage strings. Other than that, USA Jacksons are ok... ESP, Ibanez...
USA Select Jackson Soloist would be the first guitar I would try if I was going to buy another. But alot of the suggestions mentioned would be good.
The high end Hamer's as mentioned are beautiful instruments but I think they could be out of your price range and they only make retro style guitars these days.

You got to ask yourself what sytle of guitar do you fancy?
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Well any guitar thats setup well can play well with a really low action... but you gotta be a bit more specific on what you're after tbh.
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Ibanez JEM7V Lol

But yea try out some guitars in shops and then come tell us
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Any guitar can play well with low action, just has to be set up well.
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