I'm pretty new to guitar only having played it for several months..
but my squire strat isn't cutting it anymore lol.
What are some decent guitars i can get for under 450? Or should i wait until i have more money? Is there a guitar that is downright amazing but isn't way too pricey? Lol?
save up and get a better guitar, itll be worth it in the long run if you ever start to play shows
Save a little bit more, like 200 bucks and get an ESP... or a Fender... Something better than a ****ty Squier.

I was in your shoes once. I was picking the guitar up quite quickly and my squier made me angry [Rofl.] So I went and I bought myself an ESP F-250. Best thing ever. Recently I replaced the pickups it came with. Now it's pretty much the best thing I've ever gotten.
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