HELP! can anyone explain to me how James plays the riff towards the end just before Kirk kicks in with his outro solo? i dont really understand based on the tabs i've checked. and for kirk's outro solo, what kind of picking should i use? i can't get his speed with normal picking. thanks in advance.
I don't really think that I understand your first question, but as for Kirk he uses alternative picking, one up, one down
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had a feeling it was alt picking, thx man. about my first question, i was talking about the last riff in the song before the solo. i can play all the other riffs except that one. i followed what was on the tab, but it just didn't sound right. anyone know the most accurate tab for that riff?
dude i got the same problem when i followed the tabs that i decided to tab it out.. i think it goes lyk this



it goes something lyk that, then u repeat it over and over again.. basically the only thing that changes is the bass note from B - A -G- A and then over again.. hope it helps =))
I play it the same way, only I slide to the 4th fret on the D string, and don't play the open D afterwards. Other than that, it's how I play it and it sounds pretty good.
thanks man, that sounds a little more like it. finally i can play the whole song! (except the outro solo of course) =p
Yeah, the outro solo isn't really that bad, it's mostly triplets and if you set a metronome to the correct speed and then just practice playing triplets up and down the B-minor scale (basically what that solo is doing most of the time) then it shouldn't take you too long to get it down.

As far as the rhythm part James is playing: the reason you can't get it to sound the same is because it's actually 2 guitars playing harmony, so you just have to play one of the parts, like Metallica does live anyway.


This is how I play it, I know it's not 100% but it sounds good, try it.
Do a 1/4th bend on the 4th fret on the D string. That is how I play it, and it sounds great.