Hey guys,

I've got a bit of a problem with that I was hoping you could help me with. Essentially, I want a new amp. But here's the doozy - I'm off to University, and I just finished with one band and probably won't be in a new one for a little while. I also don't have enough money to buy a really good amp.

So I'm thinking, should I just buy a distortion/effects modeller like a POD or a V-Amp? I mean, there's no point spending half my money on a half-decent, small-ish amp is there? I'll only have to start saving again when I'm ready to buy a decent amp. Plus at home and at Uni I won't be able to get enough volume to get a good tube amp going, whereas a POD or a V-AMP I could run into my computer through the speakers - (I have an M-Audio Firewire recording sound card, and Creative Gigaworks speakers).

Does that sound like a good idea?

If so, what would you recommend? Although I have a fair bit of money saved, if I'm planning on saving, I guess I don't wanna spend too much, so I guess I'm looking at £200 tops. I'm guessing a PODxt or the V-Amp Pro are looking like likely candidates.

If you plan on recording a lot definately hte POD XT. I personally find that the POD XT doesn't work so well on a regular amp, it works better going through a P.A. I find it sounds best recorded with and I use the POD XT to lay down all recorded guitar tracks at home as micing up an amp and avoiding outside noise...etc is difficult for me.
Either of those will do you fine. Try each and see what you prefer, look on ebay to see how cheap you can get them second hand. I got my POD 2.0 for £60.00 off ebay. I use it for practising at my girlfriends flat with some headphones, its great for that.
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