I wish I didn't mess up the one time I had a chance to play it in an audition . Good luck and DON'T PUT TOO MUCH GAIN!
Yeah, I learnt it from Guitar World a while back. You gotta boogie when you play it man, makes it sound better.
Thanks for reading
Yeah i wont put too much gain either, and im gonna boogie too! i got his pups in my guitar but i cant get the same tone as him, the pedal im using through the ****ty school amps gives me a pretty close sound but its not perfect.... I only have like 5 bars to learn and then its perfect... im so nervous haha
film it and postit

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Who's Andy Timmons??
the key to doing a good job is to have fun. if you look at satch on stage, he's always smiling. go crazy with it.
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Yeah don't make it seem routine or forced.

Flow like water.

/Bruce Lee
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Yeah listen to Apoc. He knows what he's talking about.

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I figured you were going to sig that. And this if you have any sense of humor what so ever.

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Good luck
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Yeah don't make it seem routine or forced.

Flow like water.

/Bruce Lee

Lol, nice dude.

But anyway, so just get nervous. If your school is like mine, they've never even heard of Satch, so they wont be able to tell if you mess up.
Good Luck!!
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