ok, this is my second song, this is a ballad for a man who has inspired me to take up guitar and write music...dimebag darrell from pantera/damageplan. this song is about that while he is not here, i won't forget about him and how he has inspired and motivated me. the whole "save a seat for me" symbolises what a great man he was. and pretty much everything else is about that we will meet up in God's Tavern and have the best time of our lives. here it is:

God's Tavern

[Verse 1]

You?ve got a casket full of whiskey
It?s for your trip upstairs
It?s time you leave and say goodbye
I promise I?ll meet you there


You?re in God?s Tavern now,
Save a seat for me
Load the jukebox, and rack the balls
I?m coming, I guarantee

[Verse 2]

And when the beer is getting warm
Have a little faith in me
I won?t forget about you, I swear
I?ll be there soon, you?ll see


We?re in God?s Tavern now,
The next round?s on me
I?ll load the jukebox, and rack the balls
You can have the next drink for free

[Verse 3]

Closing time ain?t for ages
Lets make the most of what we got
Relive the good times we once shared
Get the whiskey and have a shot

its only a first draft, it has a long way to go. i was thinking of making the verses longer and adding in a breakdown at the end...then one more chorus. any suggestions on what might work out is appreicated. crit 4 crit. hope you enjoyed it and R.I.P Dime.
i dont have time to crit right now, but i read it and its very good, a fitting tribute to Dime.
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