kay so here it is, i write these words all the time every night and i really want to wright good songs, i play guitar moderatly well for 3 years and i cant fit my lyrics to my music, I CANT STRUCTURE MY LYRICS, so help me do this one please...

excuse my spelling and grammer cuz im bit dislexic...

"Deep Breath Words

i am a medium of love and hate
internally burnt by your words
that pass through me like a fist
exelled through the barrel of a gun
aimed with full intent to hurt,
cant you settle with I love you?
I cant change, I am but a compound
of all thats wrong with you, I am
oblivious to whats wrong with me,
i'm a huge contradiction so hold
me close and see no evil, hear no evil
fear no evil for i am now your christ
and your saviour, no wait, im just an
egotistic ****eer to your sins, go on,
kill me now with some more of those
firey words till i sulk and push closer
to stand on the shadow on the carpet
were you slept last night,
were you had that dream about all
the times i wasnt there and how you
miss them, do you miss it when i wasnt here?
do you wish i might pass in my sleep every
night after you say good bye with a soft kiss
on these lying lips, do you?? tell me now!
i know this is only paper!
you try telling it that...
i'm sorry...
my medium of love is but only hatred,
forgive these secret holding,
thin blue lines."

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please structure that jumble of lyrics^^^^ you will rock if you do...
The Universe in your head... it dosen't appeal to me.