ok, my old bass had been sitting in the corner of the room for years, 'til half an hour ago, unrepaired and unloved. I finally got time to fix it, opened it up, and found plywood the specs said basswood when i bought it!

i found the problem with the electrics easy enough, but they frankly look a bit dodgy, so i'll re-do them. my main problem is: can i salvage the neck?

the other part of the repair wes a crack near the neck joint, so the ply isn't worth keeping. I'll probably buy a new body, as i dont have the time, or the bandsaws to carve it (garage full of metal and not woodworking machinary).

what i would like to know is: are there any bodies that my neck will fit? such as a fender p or jazz bass body? its a peavey milestone III, and the neck is maple and rosewood, not fantastic, but worth salvaging. I think that the bass is the same scale lenth as the fenders and has the same number of frets, 20.

the neck joint (as i have measured, from both the neck and body) is:

59mm-63mm in width from the start of the joint to the widest point, the last 8mm (length) it curves in.

100mm length

17mm depth

thanks for getting this far (i know its long, sorry, i have a habit of rambling on a bit) and thanks for any help you can give... any ideas on a paint design would be great.. though simple ones as it'll be my first one, thanks again.
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sorry no camera, all i can say is the necks pretty much fine, i may replace the nut, if i can find a body to fit the neck to, but otherwise its ok. The body is awaiting a skip.
a little help? sorry to double post, but really, i cant afford to spend over £120 without being sure, im a student for chrissakes!

anyway, since no-one even wants to suggest paint designs, i got one of my own, sorry for the amateurish photoshop in view of the semi-pro offerings already on the forum:

(the grey bits are duck-tape, and the finish is sanded back through to the wood in places to give it a battered look [no way im hittin it with a hammer though!!!] the pickguard i havent decided on yet, but the hardware will most likely be chrome, as i already have this. Everything you can see will of course be covered by clearcoat, though hopefully a matte one, to keep the theme going)