The thing is, I have trouble reading and lessons scare me away because of their length.

I have learned one scale, and it is in D and a Pentatonic, but I have no idea if it is a major or a minor one.


I play mostly classic rock like Guns N' Roses, and I've heard pentatonic scales and the blues scales are good for that.

So can someone please post those scales (or others I should try learning) in this thread, and I would be extremely glad.

Wow, I just spent fifteen minutes on writing this. So pleas help and I would be so happy.
15 minutes typing that...?

Well that my friend is a minor scale, note the fingering is 1-4, 1-3, 1-3, 1-3, 1-4, 1-4
Go to the lessons, they are not lengthy and once you read them you will be thankful you did...

If you can't spend the time and patience reading a lesson, you do not have patience for guitar.
*shrugs* I don't know...
Hmmm, it looks like a minor pentatonic, but im not so sure its in D.

the shape, from what i can tell, is supposed to go


I apologise for the crudeness of the diagram.

The root note is that first 7 on the low E, which is a B. Therefore, what you are playing is shape 1 of the minor pentatonic scale in B.
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That scale is a Pentatonic box shape....probably the most well known and used one.

Matt is correct in saying its the 1st position B Minor but it is also the 5th position D major pentatonic. Probably what was being referred to in the first place....


Since you started on the 10th fret - 6th string (D) and went up to the 7th fret - 5th string (E) on the pentatonic scale, that would be a D major scale. If you had gone to the 13th fret - 6th string (F), then it would have been the D minor scale. It's all the same shape just different root notes. They have different tonalities and flavors. The root is the key!!! Just depends on what you want it to sound like. It's up to YOU!!!!