I am fairly new to the guitar and am basiclly self taught. And I have been reading these forums to help me with learning and have came across the word "metronome".

So my stupid question is what is a metronome ? I am assumming it is a type of scale
used to practice. So if someone could explain it or even show me where I can get one that would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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Metronome is a device which usually makes a ticking sound to keep you in rhythm. It is great tool to practice scales.
So its like a little tuner with a mic, and it ticks if you are not in rhythm ? Cool. Here is another question for anyone....where can I get some more scales to practice. I think I only know one the P something scale. But i need some more.


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So its like a little tuner with a mic, and it ticks if you are not in rhythm ? Cool.

No, it's this little thing that constantly ticks at a set speed to help keep your rythm.
not really a tuner,it's a device that just keeps a rhythm.you can adjust it to keep a faster pace or a slower beat.
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You can get them at any music shop.

a metronome is grea it keeps you in rythym all the time

What it does is that it makes a ticking noing at a certain beat.

You will either hate it or love it. Its good for practicing scales like the chromatic scale Pentatonic etc.

If you get one make sure to practice properly and try to keep to the beat. If you mess up, start AGAIN from the beginning. Its the only way you will improve.
It helps ALOT with speed. You will see the difference in 2 months, and its a big difference

Go for it. Buy one. It really helps. Good luck with your guitar playing
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A metronome ticks on every beat. if you play a song in 4/4 then the metronome ticks on every beat... 1,2,3,4, 1,2 etc. and just look around here and you will find scales to do, the scale you know should be the Pentatonic, thats the best way to start with scales
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I was advised to learn these. These are the 5 shapes of the minor pentatonic scale. They all fit together, but learn them one at a time first, backwards and forwards. As fas as i know these are correct.

Shape 1

G|---|-o-|---|-o-|---|---| Key:
D|---|-o-|---|-X-|---|---| X= Root note
A|---|-o-|---|-o-|---|---| o= Note

Shape 2

Shape 3


Shape 4


Shape 5

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Awesome......thanks alot, I'm gonna buy on next time at the music shop.

Erm,r u sure bout watz a metronome now?..itz not a tuner yea.. just one of those
tick-tock-tick-tock machines (which drives u mad sometimes) and u count ur beat
accordin to the tick-tocks (u noe,the one and two and three and four stuff,lol, u've
probably known this). Go download an online metronome if u want..
~well,happy playin~

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OUch sry,didn't c the other post..my bad..newayz go get a metronome online or from the
shop..well,happy playin yeah.
OMG I actually learnt something from this thread
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