Hey guys,
(im sure u read loads of these threads so im greatfull u have looked)

im getting a new amp soon but i havnt got alot to try in my area - i have played a pevey classic 50 and liked it but i want to play more agrressive styles - metallica for example and this amp although very good just wasnt doing metal , so

i did some resurch and found these 2 - the marshall DSL 401
- the Laney LC-30 II
- aswell as the pevey classic 30

so what do u people think would be better out of those 3 amps?

im also welcome to sugestions for overdrive pldals
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I have no experience with the Laney, but the Marshall would be good for your styles.

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Laney makes amazing amps, but the LC-30 really isn't for metal. If it was me, I'd go for the Laney. It can probably handle the older Metallica tones pretty well, but don't expect it to sound like a high gain beast.
The Marshall would be good for you, but there's more amps for that price that'll do metal, like Ashdowns and Peavey XXXs.
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cool , im based in the uk - so how much would a new AND used pevey XXX go for ?

just for comparisan

oh and can u use a atenuater with the marshall dsl combo ?
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thanx guys, i tyred the DSL50 head and i liked that and it was only quiet so its gotta rock loud right lol

Dsl401 it is then - just gotta see what comes first the cash or xmas - eather way im getting it lmao
gear4music indianapolis // Blackstar HT-1R Metal
how much cash do you have? peavey are very dear for what they are here in the uk...
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