This is starting to happen once a week. It is aALWAYS my low E string. I am using Ernie Ball 10 gauge strings. The string doesn't snap off, it just "pops" and unravels right where it connects to the tremolo system. I have a LTD M-100 guitar, in standard tuning.

I have only been playing 6 months or so. i like to play metal-style, so i PM a lot too, and i am always playing rythym on that Low E. Is this why it is happening? Am I applying too much pressure to the string when i PM? I have switched to a softer pick as well, and it still happened! Am i doing something wrong in my strumming technique? could it possibly how my guitar is set up?

anybody else run into this problem, or have any suggestions?
Check your saddle for any wear or damage.. something on the saddle might be causing the string to break there.
I usually break my low e string when I downtune it for some metal songs, so it gives me the idea that it needs to be taught. Maybe you need to make it tighter when stringing.
Once I stopped using Ernie Balls I stopped breaking strings. I liked their 9s but I had a nasty habit of snapping the low and high E strings along with the B string on my RG370.

As was said, check the saddle to see if theres any wear or sharp edges to it. Might fix your problem right there. It could just be that you are palm muting all the time but I doubt that would be the problem. Numerous people, myself included, palm mute on a daily basis and don't have problems breaking strings.
That kept happening to me before, and I took it to the shop, and they "filled in the V Groove," I think it was. If it's not that, just try using 11's, or stop strumming really hard if that's your problem .

Sorry if I'm not much help, when it comes to the technical stuff with the guitar like electronics, and these kinda things, I'm a n00b, but if you ever need any help with theory, or any of that kinda stuff, I can 95% of the time help.
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i had the same problem and had to switch eventually to .70's cuz everything else snaps on me in a couple hours, aside from the setup you may be like me and just knock the crap out of your guitar too much for those tiny skinny little strings to take.
I use to PM and alternate pick and my low E would unwravel. It hasen't done it anymore I think its because I don't play with a hard strum any more. Try lightening up with strumming or pressure with the PM's.
Do the following: wash your hands before playing, and clean your strings after playing, preferably with some sort of cleaning agent (I use this stuff called finger-ease). I barely ever break strings now, and I used to all the time, so much so that I thought of quitting playing.
ok the low E??

definetly a sharp bridge
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