As the title says im lookin for a cab for this all valve head im buyin. Its 4, 8 or 16 ohms so thats not much of a prob. My budget is bout 250 quid, any help. Cheers

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what wattage is the amp?
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dums ass american , its worth neerly twice as much as the doller and has been going longer...fool

as for the cab get a marshall 1937 2x12
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how much real money is 250 quid? I know the amp is 5 watts, I've heard they break up really nicely at low volumes.


perhaps the G112?

'Real Money'

The guys sig says something about Brit Rock, think that gives a clue. Which rules out Avatar.
Maybe the Valve JR Cab?
I know its an American site, but I cant think of any UK online dealers off the top of my head, sorry.
Way to resurrect a year old thread...
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Way to resurrect a year old thread...

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You could always cheap out and just buy the matching 1x12 cab.

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