Ok people well i've decided to go for a colour change on my Epi Les Paul Standard Plus. Heres my ideas so far.

Paint : Leaving standard as you'll see in my pic.
Pickups: Changing Out for Seymour Duncan Invaders
Switchs/Knobs: Going Black. Leaving brigde and changing plastic mounting rings for Chrome Pickup mounts.
The reason i'ev gone for Invaders is cus i play alot of a7x (who doesnt these days) and i want heavier distortion. Its kinda lacking in that department at the moment. I know my amp is crap but dont worry about that im gettin a Marshall TSL100 JCM 2000 Head and cab in october al being well.
Heres a Pic I made.

heres what it looks like at the moment

Anyone Has an ideas that'd be great.
I'd avoid Invaders man, I loved the thought of gettin them (plainly Marty Freidman's fault) but i've heard nothing but serious bad things about them.

Id try out a guitar with em first just incase you do like them.

Other than that, Nice guitar
erm I havent played an invader before so i Don't know how it is tone wise but ive heard there imensely powerful.
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Try Seyour duncan JBs those are what zacky vengence Uses, Very nice pickups,

I agree with you there. It's Syn that uses Invaders. Schecter has them on the Synster Custom, but not the Standard. From memory, Syn actually plays a hybrid of both the models. On the Schecter site, the Vengeance Custom has a JB/JB, and the Standard has Duncan Designed HB-102's.
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