im custom building my own guitar and i got emg 81/85 pickups, i no im gonna get flamed for this but im not sure which one goes in front of the bridge and which one goes near the neck, please some one let me no where they go cause this is my first custom guitar and its lookin really nice and i dont wanna mess it up, thanx in advance, ill post pics when its done.
the 81 should have silver lettering and the 85 a gold or copper incase you couldnt tell them apart.
yeah yeah, let us see the pics when your done
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Usually it's done the opposite way, as in 81 in the bridge and 85 in the neck, though you can do it your own way.
It matters, because the sound is noticeably different. However, they aren't specifically designed for a certain position and will work fine, wether installed in the neck or bridge. You can experiment and see which one you prefer in which position.
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