ok so heres the thing
First hi to all

I have been playing fo about 5 years and I do what I do.
so basically I am looking for a site that tells you how to play songs with CHORDS!! not TAB!
so u know like "this song uses G B A# what ever. I can read TAB but I dont like to and would rather jst have the CHORDS!

I am not a fan of other tunnings like drop D or anything else for that matter, thus I am also looking for ways around these other tunnings. So i wanna play like tantric without having to have special guitar just for those songs.

to those who love tabs and other tunnings I mean no disrespect I am just looking for a way to learn songs with the style I have & method in which I have learned to Play.
they have songs with just chords on here n you dont need a special guitar for down tuning
You've got your work cut out for you if you plan on learning songs meant to be played in something other than standard in stadard. Especially when you find a song that is in an open tuning.

If you're guitar isn't a Floyd you can literally change to Drop D in less than 10 seconds...
Just make sure the 7 fret on the 6th string is the same note as the open 5th string and bam... you're in drop d.