hey there, i was wondering what good brands make good 25.5" scale guitars. i play mostly metal and hard rock.

i tried the BC rich warlock, it sucks, but i totally love the neck. i have big fingers (i'm 1m90 tall), and my 24.75" scale LTD EC isn't comfortable at all compared to it.

so, do you have anything to propose?

PS : i'm french, so excuse my poor english.
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Ibanez, they make 25.1" as well.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
Ibanez RG series.

Only RG5** and prestiges are good
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Ibanez, they make 25.1" as well.

really? which series? i checked out the site earlier today, but i didn't see anything.

keep in mind i play metal, so fender isn't really my kind of guitars...

oh, and i've heard a lot of flaming about schecters, but also lots of positive comments... so what's up with it?