Okay, so I've been interested in learning screamo. But the thing is, I don't have a clue how, and no one on the other forums I've tried has been any help. Do any of you lot know how to screamo scream?
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this has been asked so many times before, there was a thread a little while ago.

search for it.
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There was? I'm not on often, and I really can't be bothered to go searching through countless threads.
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you kinda start like whispering and then just add more air and idk if thats really clear but thats the best way i can think of it
kind of like a loud a$$ whisper is all it is..make it high pitched and scary..idk ive always thought about it myself, singing in a band and all...trust me..I sound really weird when I practice..I think its just one of those things were you have to practice alot.
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I normally take my singing voice (which sounds really raspy and in my opinion sucks ass) and deepen it and make it scratch gently at the front of my throat and push it foreward ( do not force it or it will mess your throat up, it has to come naturally) and it should produce a deep growl voice and screaming what I do is take my highest octive that I can do singing and force a twinge to it and you should get that "Row Ris" type of voicings.