Going for $350. right now i have a piece of crap 120 dollar guitar and im ready to move on. i found this on ebay. opinions from people experienced in guitar pricing is apreciated.
thanks all

-With its semi-hollow single-cutaway mahogany body and flamed maple top, this modern spin on a vintage-classic looks fantastic and sounds incredible. It features a 3-piece maple neck with rosewood fretboard, decked out with pearl and abalone block inlays. A 3-layer creme binding trims the body, neck, headstock, and F-hole, while gold hardware completes its uptown appearance. A Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickup set give it tonal versatility. Equipped with a tune-o-matic bridge with stopbar tailpiece and XJ frets. Controls include tone and volume for each pickup and 3-way switching.

ESP PC-1 Paramount Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Features:

Construction: set neck
Scale: 24-3/4"
Body: mahogany with bookmatched flamed maple top
Neck/Fretboard: 3-piece maple/rosewood
Inlays: pearl and abalone blocks
Pickups: Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz set
Electronics: 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way toggle
Hardware: gold
Bridge: tune-o-matic with stop tailpiece
Binding: triple-layer creme (body, neck, headstock)
Frets: 22 XJ

what do you think?
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its $609 on musiciansfriend. so, basing on that, its a good buy . but i dont know anything about the guitar itself, srry
yea i saw that it was going for at least 600 on most sites. i was just wondering what experienced guitar players thought. because truthfully i dont know much. im still a novice.

thanks for the help
Being the coolest waiter at a restaurant is like being the smartest kid with down syndrome...
mahog body, duncan pickups, jumbo frets, set neck, as long as it's not beat to hell it's a good buy!

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looks kindof cheap. . .

I would advise against it, only because:

1. It's a guitar you (and me ) know nothing about
2. It's ebay. . .

The two by themselves wouldn't bother me, but when both dangers get put together. . .
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I've played one of them in a shop, PC-1 in black (I think it was a PC-1, but one of the hollow ones anyway) and yeah, I thought it was pretty good. I currently have a Les Paul and it played similar, albeit lighter and more treblier. Good for $350 hehe.

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It sounds good to me. I'd go for it as long as it isn't thrashed or anything.
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thanks for the help guys. yea its in mint condish and he has a flawless 200 something rating. so it seems ok. im actually not going to buy it tho now. not because i dont want it but because my moms friend is giving a few guitars so ill stick with those for now.

here is the link if you fellas want to take a look at that guitar.

Being the coolest waiter at a restaurant is like being the smartest kid with down syndrome...