I started a thread earlier about an epiphone valve junior head,so now im asking this question. I playin lots of soft rock, pop and bluesy stuff wh my band, all original stuff,so im not lookn to imitate anone. Anywayz which of these amps am i better getting for ma band. I have an AD50Vt at the mo and am lookin for an all tube job.

Right so, whih one:

Fender blues junior
Fender pro junior
Epiphone valve head with marshall 2x12 vintage cab (probs 1937)
Laney lc 30 11
laney vc 30
vox ac 15 c1

thanks for any help, i will only be using these at small venues mic'd up if need be

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ok so its like this, the cab isnt vintige from 1937, thats just its name - i mean the electric guitar was only invented in 1948 "leo fender"

and if u want ur thread titles to be in bold u dont have to do a thing - its got something to do with if u have viewd the topinc or not
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basicly the blues junier - that amp has some serious style - just lower the chanel volume and turn up the master volume and u get a great sound
gear4music indianapolis // Blackstar HT-1R Metal
They're all good amps, look more into the Blues Jr and the VC30 and the AC15, they're all something special.
Try them out.
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