how does it compare to a wood such as mahogany? like is it brighter, darker, etc?
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pretty sure korina wood is lighter colored than mohagony, but you can check on google images

Dumbass, he's talking about the sound.

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Somewhat of a ?super-mahogany? or ?mahogany deluxe? its grains are similar and so is its sound. It?s said to have a sweeter midrange, and be more responsive. Although the grains look similar the material itself is slightly less dense. So if it weighed more than a same-sized mahogany piece it would more likely be due to higher moisture content than higher density.

Production notes: Rarely used, it is more expensive and rare than garden variety Mahoganies. The price of a Korina guitar usually reflects this, plus a little extra markup.
Excellent wood.
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I've heard it sounds close to basswood. Not as bright as alder, not as dark as mahogany. I can't comment from experience though, as I haven't tried a guitar built with korina before.
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