It just doesn't work out for me.

I can't play barre chords if my life depended on it.
I really don't have any meat on my fingers... hardly meat on any of my bones, at that.

Any suggestions?

Should I just sit there all day with my index finger on all strings and slide back forth to form calluses on the side of my finger? :p

It's a random complaint, but it gets on my nerves sometimes.
Haha.. I am seriously skinny too and I had problems with barre chords for a good long while as well, back in the day....

But anyway, I just kept going through regular practicing (nothing out of the ordinary to help with my problem) and eventually it just came to me. I'm not sure how as my finger is not even flat, they're skinny enough that they get wider in the middle, but hey, I'm not complaining.
the best guitarist i no has the skinniest fingers ever and he finds it grand
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barre chords give most people problems at first. just takes time to build up some finger strength.
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Barre Chords can be such a bitch to get right when you first start out. Not only do you need the finger strength to get them to come out right, but you also need your fingers to be able to stretch the right ways. It took me a while to get Barre chords.

But, this man's post brings up an interesting point. Is it just me, or is the youth of today listening to music such as City and Colour, and hear someone such as Dallas Green (who we all know can play fast music, or, faster and more talented than he shows in City And Colour [please do not take this as a 'I love Dallas Green' post, I ****ing hate him, period]) playing seemingly simple songs, and so they decide to pick up a guitar, and when they fail miserably due to the difficulty of barre chords, they give up on guitar. Anyone else notice this?
I have the same thing going on with my fingers. To strengthen my index for barre chords I started using this hand-excercise thing which is basically two rod-shaped weights attached in a V shape with a heavy spring. I kept using it and now I have enough strength in my index to make barre chords with ease .

I still have a problem with my pinky finger, though. It's kind of bent and I have terrible accuracy with it. It's also too small to get good reach with, which makes bass a lot harder. I'm sure it'll improve with practice, though.
I have extremely skinny fingers and i find it to be great. I also use very heavy strings so dont think that skinny fingers are holding you back.

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