Hey peoplzz!!

I´m going to change the stock speakers on my VoxAD30 VT.
My style is mostly blues,rock,funky.
I´ve been told about Eminence speakers or Celestions??

Any suggestions??
both are good, but i think eminence wins out on price (just) and they take a slightly more modern design approach (but keep the vintage tones where required) whereas celestion are sticking to thier there vintage guns... celestion blue: £250... anyone? i dont see any tonal advantages being worth that much, a £30-£50 speaker can sound just as good IMO
The stock ad30vt speaker is 10 inch. This limits your choices some.
These go to eleven...
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I've played AD30VT's with the Stock speakers, and with Eminence's switched in.....

I couldn't notice any diffrence in the tone at all......
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I was playing the AC15 CC1 with the stock Wharfedale's the other day and then the AC15 CCX with the Celestion Alnico Blue (which I've seen for £150) it's exactly the same electronics but with two different speakers, and there was a big difference, the CCX was much more musical sounding and had a much smoother breakup, the Wharfedales sounded kind of 'raggedy' by comparison. There are loads of different Celestions to choose from, and they will all act differently with different amps, I am only recently finding out how much difference a speaker change can make but I believe you can spend £80 on a speaker and get more of an improvement in your sound than you get from an £80 distortion pedal, the only problem being that you can't try it out in the shop.
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like i said in your other thred, take and make a hole for a 12 inch speaker and get a
vintage 30, you wont regret it....but you might regret posting a duplicate thred....
thanks guys,

Big help again!! I didn´t mean to post a duplicate thread. as both the threads have a different question?!?

wont happen again
haha, i wasnt tellign you off, just testing my own memory

everyone here has said lots of helpful stuiff, i dont have anyhting clever to say now