I have an Ibanez s470dxqm with stock pickups and use .009s, and it doesn't give me the tone I want. I use high treble and mids with mid-low bass, is there someway I can give it a fuller sound without putting in more bass?
you can adjust ur pickups. put the side up on the strings u want to emphasize.
or adjust the poles, to get a more well rounded tone.

barring that, maybe a new pedal. maybe a thicker pick.

also depends on ur amp

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Sounds stupid but turn the volume up. I've done similar and it actually works.
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figure out what you want more (bass, mids, treb) and crank that and to emphasize that drop the other 1 or 2 then bring the volume up to make up for the drop in the rest.
Thats a very un-beefy guitar with a very un-beefy set-up. Without added bass there's not much you can do.

what you could buy:
Thicker strings
Fatter mid based pickups(w alnico magnets)
Thick picks do make tone significantly thicker
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Thicker strings and a pick would help. But you name says metalmilitia yet you don't like bass? Intresting...
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