Good work dude.......just a few tiny things to improve.

During the intro kirk drags the pick across the bottom 4 stings of a Em chord......clean, with a little wah....Listen to the original and you'll see what i mean.

Also the guitar parts need to be generally louder. But appart from those small things, very very good my friend.

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A cover isn't supposed to be 100% equal..not in my point of view..each person adds his/her personnal tone! good job!
Playing wasn't too bad. It kinda sounded rough in a few parts. Solo wasn't too bad though. Needs some work though.

Overall, not bad.
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Thanks for listening, the problem is that i dont have a wah pedal, so i cant do the solo the right way or some licks
It isnt a stone cold cover, like you had to get every single riff right. Which is pretty cool cos i hate these people that study the song and get every single detail. Pretty cool cover dude, except the tone i think was a bit heavy on the intro/interlude. Good job
Yeah thats right, note by note is boringm but thats subjective i guess
I would like to have a wah pedal for the solo tough
Thanks for the listen!
Good job, NunoSlash.

Which is pretty cool cos i hate these people that study the song and get every single detail.

The best way to be able to completely improvise on a song is to learn it through and through, and once you know it, then improvising and straying from the original is easier. Fake it till ya make it.
Your clean tone wasnt great, too much bass. you tone was only alright, no kick from it. playing was alright, solo was weird without wah, but was pretty good none the less! so overall decent job!
I like the tone. The rythym was very good played. The lead part also very good even without the wah effect, there's some improv i heard too which fit perfectly. Overall, i like the cover. Good Job man, keep posting Metallica's Cover!.
It was good, but you lack emotion in your playing. It felt like you were playing it as a cover, when you are playing try to make the song your own.
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That might be cause i didnt know the song for long before i recorded it, so i wasnt used the solo or intensity, thanks for the comment tough!
This was pretty good, but I think it sounds better if you fill in more places with palm mutings. It's hard to explain, I just like to add a little more palm muting into the main riff. I'll try to post a recording sometime to show you what I mean. Overall, the rythm part was played well, and the solo wasn't bad but needs to be cleaned up a little. Not as good as your Paradise City cover, but still pretty good

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Thanks dude, the solo was a problem i had to learn it right away, im now more familiar with it so hopefully i can play it better