I'm new to electric guitar and I'm looking at some amps and see they have master and volume knobs. Can you tell me what the difference is in their uses?
A general volume knob just raises the volume of the particular preamp channel its assigned to. A master volume knob controls the overall output of the power amp. Separate volume controls can be used to more effectively balance the channels, or to saturate the preamp tubes for more overdrive.
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So, for example.... if I cranked up the volume knob, it would increase the distortion / overdrive..... and if i lowered the master volume, it would keep that tone at a lower level?
On a multi-channel amp, there are two types of distortion - preamp and power amp. Preamp distortion is easy to get since preamp tubes take almost no power to overdrive. Power amp distortion is only attainable through sheer volume. Also, a lot of tone comes from speaker excursion, so no matter what, more volume = better tone. So to answer your question, yes and no. Cranking your preamp will get you more distortion, but you won't be able to necessarily "keep the tone" by turning your master volume down.
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I hope thats a joke

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Put that gray matter to use and decide for yourself

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