I've been playing about 3 - 4 months now. And I honestly don't know where to go. I've learnt all of Iron Man by Black Sabbath, and almost mastered the solo. I can do The art of shredding by Pantera also, amongst other songs. But I don't even know chord basics. Have I gone about this all wrong? I know different people learn differently blah blah but I kinda jumped in head first, learning songs without even knowing what a chord is. Where do I go from here?
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theory. there are some good books if you dont have a teacher.

edit: i have "the complete idiots guide to music theory" and its awesome
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depends you should learn some theroy and the learn acoustic songs and take chords (not progessions like copying) from them this way you learn the schords you like as far a s metal learn mastor of puppets and crazy train easy begginer songs
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I heard Bruce from Iron Maiden started with like 3 chords. What are the most basic and useful to begin with?
What I would recommend is reading about chords and learning about how to build chords and why chords are what they are. There are a lot of great lessons for beginners on this site. Check them out. Some of the best are by Logz and SilentDeftone. If you see their name on it, it's right.

Once you learn some theory, I'd recommend you start trying to write songs as well. It will help you apply theory and you'll use stuff you never even knew you had.

Obviously, you have huge potential. Playing "The Art of Shredding" all the way through after only 3 months of playing is amazing. Good job.
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Some of the best are by Logz and SilentDeftone. If you see their name on it, it's right.

Thank you

Ill post some of ours here:

Logz Lessons
Modality - 1/4; Constructing Modes
Modality - 2/4; Chords over Modes
Modality - 3/4; Chord progressions

Ive not wrote 4/4 yet, but you wont need that one anyway. Its just about harmonic/melodic minor modes.

SilentDeftones lessons
What chords are in what key and why - (Awesome lesson)
Circle of fifths and Intervals
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