Hello to all!

This is my first post here, but i've been reading your great posts for a long time now, and they've been pretty helpful in some ways! Thanks!

Anyway, i've been playin for some time (15 years, i am gettin old!), mainly cover gigs in bars; i am in the OLD stuff scene, yes the 80's and 70's; from Zep, to Whitsnake, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Police, Poison, GnR, Maiden, Helloween, Harem Scarem, bla, bla... well i think you know the type! I use JEM FP for ages and for 4 years now i have used a Fender Strat 50th anniv single- coil (want to upgrade to more output picks).

As an amp i have used an 86 Bandit 112 for ages, then a DigiT RP6 (for 7 years but dead now); then a friend of mine sold me a MP-1 Classic, a ADA BS200 Solid S. Power amp and an ADA 2x12 cab. with MidiVerb for FX... the thing is, it had good sound but when the leads came i could't get enough Distortion/Drive/Gain and i got rid of the MP... So now i have only the Power, the MidiVerb and the cab and about $1100 to spend... and really... i don't have a clue what to buy... i have heard so many things along this years that i am a bit confused... my friend from the band bought a Engl Special Edition, it's really versatile and powerful but almost $3000!!!

Sorry about the lenght of this post but i am out of ideas and i would really apreciate some help.

Thank you a lot!

Best regards from Portugal!

The Marshall AVT half stack is pretty good. If you're into 70's/80s metal you might also look at Peavey.
I play a Vox AD50, which sounds great, but it sounds like you need more wattage than that.
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what's up psyrocker!

i am a fellow 80's cover band player.

i play bass and we cover GNR, Cinderella, Skid Row and the like. A little 90's stuff too like AIC and STP. Bar music

I play an Ibanez 4 string SDGR through a Peavey 4 12 cabinet, and a GK head, I am not sure of the watts. My lead player has all the equipment at his house, so I only have to bring my bass with me. I use a Zoom effects pedal, mostly for the floor tuner.

The bass rig sounds great though.
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