i'm just now getting into sweep picking. i've got the basic idea down but i've noticed some problems. usually on the g string when ever i let off the fret it rings out open. any suggestions on how to stop that? and can anyone give me some advice on some techs. for it? like exercises and what not. i have trouble using one finger to sweep the same not on different strings like this


any help is greatly apperciated.
I dont know how to sweep

But when you sweep with one finger, you're supposed to sort of roll it back to deaden the note after you play them.
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I can't sweep well, sorry buddy. =(

Why respond then

And a good way is to just take chord shapes and learn to sweep those. As for your G string problem, you just need to practice slowly and make sure you pay attention to the movements of both your hands.
For starters, practice with a clean tone. Distortion will only hide your mistakes.

I used to have the same problem with ringing strings. Basically, you will have to correct your techinique until you eliminate the unwanted noise.

To do this, practice the shapes very slowly (and I mean VEERRRYY SLLOOWLLY). When you come upon a ringing string, simply try to fix it. You can do this by sounding the note with your pick, then loosening your grip slightly to deaden the note before you take your finger completely off the string (and move on to the next one). You'll have to practice meticulously to perfect the technique. With sweep picking, your left hand has to be incredibly precise.

Once you have perfected it at snail-pace, you can gradually speed it up. However, don't try playing it fast until you have it down perfectly.
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im great at sweeping but horrible at pinch harmonics